Friday, June 11, 2010

Times Square Bomber the Antithesis of Ahmadi-Muslims

Times Square Bomber the Antithesis of Ahmadi-Muslims

By allisonkhan

It's hard to know what to say when the extremists who try to bomb America repeatedly turn out to be Muslim.

Well, if you are a Muslim in America, it puts you in the hot seat! And, to top it off, the bomber, this time, turns out to be from my husband's native country--Pakistan.

So it is quite understandable that Americans look at Muslims in general with an air of mistrust. Are you an extremist, the look says? Can you be trusted?

Every morning when I pledged allegiance to the flag at Hillgrove high school in Cobb county, I could feel all the students watching me. I added "Ameen," after my pledge, which means "so be it." Some students didn't bother to stand, but no one was worried about them.

Unfortunately, some Americans decide all Muslims cannot be trusted. Many Americans feel that Muslims are hypocrites.Yes, they want us to practice our religion freely in America, but they don't want to get bombed. Understandable.

Allow me to fill you in on some little known historical data that may ease your mind.

In Pakistan, there are many sects of Islam. Since 1953, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been terrorized by Muslim extremists. The American government has been aware of this terrorism and they chose not to do anything to help.

Khalifatul Masih the IV, the leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, told the government of Pakistan to stop the bloodshed or they would soon find all the sects engaging in this terrorism.

No one listened. Nothing was done.

The bloodshed did spread to other sects and it continues to spread. In 1974, Ahmadi-Muslims were the only sect to be declared non-Muslim in all of Pakistan, and there are over seventy three sects.

Ahmadi-Muslims left Pakistan for America or Canada if they could. The alternative motivated emigration...beatings, burning the house down or shooting.As a result, there are over 10,000 Ahmadi-Muslims in America at presen.

When someone like this extremist tries to blow up his car in Times Square and he is from Pakistan and he is a Muslim, people want to know --"so what's the difference between you and him?"

They would like to know that there is a difference.

Naseem Madhi recently became the National Vice President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in America. FoxNews interviewed him regarding the Times Square Bomber and he had some refreshingly simple advice for Muslims in America: "if you have divided loyalties, go home."

He is drawing a line in the sand. He is telling America that Ahmadi-Muslims are loyal. We are happy to be here, enjoining our freedom to practise our religion. We pledge allegiance to the flag and we mean it.

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